Monday, February 15, 2010

YouTube Famous

So today I was spending (read: wasting) some time between my academic advising appointment (more on that) and Spanish class (3:45- 6:00 PM. Um, maybe it's just me, but... that's NAP time.) watching random videos on YouTube. Well, one random "misheard lyrics video" -My Chemical Romance, Helena. Funny funny funny- and a random video by a big YouTube celebrity who shall remain unnamed (but it rhymes with Mane Lawson) and I started wondering... how do these people get to be web-famous? Smosh... Fred... Bo Burnham... they're basically just bored white boys (is Anthony white???) being random. Yet somehow, they enormously entertain me. And many thousands of other bored citizens of the webernet.
I have two theories.
One: they are not, in fact, just having fun. There is a long, complex process involving a large budget and a lot of forethought and they are actually trained actors with script writers and a camera crew.
Two: human beings are very easily entertained. Specifically the 12-21 variety.
But really the question remains... how do these people get so web-famous?
And how would one go about copying them in that?

Can I just say that academic advising rocks? You go in there, adrift, no idea what classes you need next term, no idea what you're doing, and wow! Someone has all the answers. It's amazing. A couple of pieces of paper lay out a map for your next step. Why don't they have job advisors? Or better yet, relationship advisors? Someone to just tell you in simple terms what your next step ought to be. Life should come with an instruction manual... and DON'T anybody reply saying that's what the bible's for. Yes. God's word is valuable and moral. But when it comes to choosing a career or deciding whether or not those shoes will make the hot junior in Bio fall madly in love with you? Yeah. Not so applicable.

It also doesn't have a chapter on becoming web-famous.

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