Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New to the blog: AdSense and my personal blog

So this is kind of attached to my story blog... I wanted someplace where I could talk about stuff. And explain what's going on with the stories and the blog and... well.. me. I just signed up for AdSense with google so in a couple of days ads should start showing up on my pages... which makes me feel like a real genuine member of the internet swindling community. I'm wondering if they'll put ads for cruises on my page since I have like "island" and "castaway" as key words in Stranded.
Speaking of Stranded... I'm still working on it but I've hit a serious bump in the road.. this one conversation I just canNOT seem to make flow. And the story might be taking a strange turn... I don't know what's wrong with my characters. They want things to be so complicated.
I thought I could use this addendum-blog to maybe give out some writing tips and respond to feedback I get on the story page. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Oh, btw, here's the link to the story blog. officialblogofemily.blogspot.com