Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Biggest Loser at my Dorm

I woke up this morning to a fresh fallen sheet of white all around me.
No, not snow.
Posters, posters, everywhere. Apparently my dorm is having a Biggest Loser contest. So at first I was like, WOOHOOO! In the BAG!
And then I read the posters and realized they're actually talking about weight.
But maybe not such a bummer.

See the downside is, to enter, you gotta pay $20. Which is a lot for me. All the entry fees go into a pot and at the end of the contest, in like April, the person who's lost the most weight gets all the money. The thing that makes me think maybe I should enter is, most of the chicks in my dorm are already pretty athletic. Meaning... no matter how hard they work, they just plain flat-out CAN'T lose as much as I could. (I could lose... a lot. A lot. We'll just say that nice vague amount.) So really it might be worth it. I mean think about it... if I succeed, not ONLY does my butt finally fit in the same zip-code as me, I also have money from a bunch of skinny girls.

I call that a win-win scenario.

So what does anybody think? Oh wait... silly me... I forgot that the only people currently reading this blog are my mother, my roommate, and my friend. That is so so sad. I need to work on becoming webfamous... I crave attention.
Someday. Mark my words.

Well, someday's really only one word....

So mark my word.




  1. Well, as one of your only followers, I say it's worth a try (although by now it might be too late to sign up?) Anyway, I plan to deposit money in your account (I could actually transfer to your paypal, hmmmm) <3

  2. Hi Emily, I just started reading your blog too, so, that makes, um...4 for you now!

    So, I bet you could totally do this!! Really !! And see, your mama is gonna give you money! Perfect!

    I need to lose a bunch too, so I know how hard it is. But think how fun it would be to win that money. case you wondered, this is Sivje.