Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emo Tuesday

I have reached rock bottom. I have hit that place where there is nothing left, and all I feel is a black emptiness...
I'm talking, of course, about Laundry Day.
You know, that day when everything you can possibly imagine wearing is dirty? What's that you say? You say you don't HAVE those days? You say you do laundry bi-weekly just to avoid such a predicament?
Well, la-di-da for you. Some of us have more interesting things to do than, you know. Clean. For instance, I've been extremely busy with classes and drama and... well, facebook doesn't post its OWN statuses, you know.
And anyway, my wardrobe issues are not solely dirt-related. I feel I should confess this right now...
I am a pants destroyer.
That's right. I destroy pants. I am the pants death star. Every pair of pants I come in contact with is doomed to rip, tear, fray, shrink, grow, or and/or get stained. I was down to my very last pair of jeans yesterday and... rrrriiiiiip. A big slit up the back of my calf.
So I'm now officially jeansless.
Which, in a roundabout way I won't bore you with, led to Emo Tuesday. Emo Tuesday is a thing my sisters started back in high school, and it's pretty self explanatory. On Tuesdays-- some random Tuesdays, I forget the rule--they and their friends dressed up... you know. Emo.
So now I'm tramping around school in a red corset top, black skull hoodie, and black converse. Plus a lot of eye makeup. It's kind of like a social experiment about how people react to different styles. I've been getting a lot of weird looks, and I think I scared some people earlier. I do kind of look like the depressed child of a clown and a whore.
I should probably get some new jeans.

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