Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Story Up on Official Site

Hey, just a heads up that there's a story up on my Official Blog. It's a short story this time so we actually get a middle and end, not just a beginning! :P

This is not a happy story.

You know what, go read it. Just go read it, then come back, and read the rest of this.


Ok. So now I know there's at least one of you (cough cough MOM cough) going.... "Why write such a terrible story? Why make us think about such sad, pointless stuff? Don't you want to add to the GOOD, beautiful things in the world, instead of the awful, sordid ones?"

The short answer is, No. No, I don't. I'm miserable and so I wrote a depressing story so you could all be miserable, too.

The long answer is, I've been working through some complicated emotions lately concerning three different men in my life, and I felt the need to write some kind of purging story. I don't think this story is ugly or horrible, although some events in it are a bit. I think it's beautiful, a look into the ways we shape our own lives, the choices we make, and the good moments we have. I feel better now that it's written, I don't hate it, and I think that says good things about it. And so yeah. Let me know what you think. Just be warned: if you think MEAN things and tell me that, that will make me depressed, which will force me to write about... like... torture victims or suicide bombers or something.

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  1. Thank you Emily, for expressing yourself in words so that you'll never have to live that kind of life. Go ahead and put the ugly outside, to make room inside for more beauty.